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Upstep Academy

Upstep Academy has been operational since 2005

and is an established name in imparting training and organising international chess tournaments

Presence in
India | USA | Australia | Singapore | UAE | UK

Our Objective

To reach maximum people, learning chess at an early age. Popularizing its benefits that one can attain. Irrespectively, if one wishes to pursue it as a career or learn it as a hobby and a life-skill.

Abhijit Hatkar

(FIDE Instructor, FIDE Arbiter, International Rated Player)

Abhijit has been constantly juggling and balancing his passion for chess and technology. Now his efforts are directed to synergize for the collective good of the “Game”. With Upstep Academy, his vision is to provide quality training and structured growth. Most importantly, spreading awareness of chess, giving the Game its due status.

He has been a coach, a mentor and an entrepreneur since last 15 years, this vast experience at a very young age has helped him understand child psychology. Moreover, the ability to generate interest in students regarding chess. Also, developing new methods of teaching, analyzing, and building a stronger foundation in them. With this approach, our students have performed at Asian, National, and State Levels. Many have also achieved international ratings.

Salil Ghate


Salil being an avid chess player and an investment banker has implemented many “Firsts” in Upstep Academy. For instance, implementing chess in the school model in 2007, starting from Mumbai later in Bangalore.

He has held various positions at district and state Chess associations. His vision is to popularize chess in kids from a young age. He strongly believes that chess lays a very strong foundation for the future, irrespective of the field that you choose. He says, “You can become anything; A Painter, A Sportsperson, A Scientist, A Mathematician, A Businessperson, An Administrator, A Grandmaster – the skills that chess teaches you will stay with you forever.