Chess, A life skill!

Playing Chess can make your child a Grandmasteran engineera mathematiciana CoderA FootballerAn ArtistA Scientist!

Age Group : 5 to 15 Years

Interactive Live one-on-one demo class

20 Minutes Demo Session

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All you need for FREE Demo Class is

A Device: Laptop | Desktop | Tablet | Smart Phone

Willingness to learn & play

Good internet connection

Objective of demo is to assess your child’s chess level, give you experience of our online chess class and also to show you the format in which chess is taught online by our well experienced coaches


Will my child get certificate?

Your child will earn certificate with each level

How the class will be conducted?

The class will be conducted online, in a live online format either one-on-one or in a small interactive group

What do we need to start online classes?

All you need is :

  1. A Device (Desktop | Laptop | Tablet | Phone)
  2. Good internet connection
  3. Willingness to learn and explore

Chess is one of the few sports that can be learnt online and offline equally well with guided training, practice and analysis.

How much time does it take to learn chess?

Our beginner level teaches how to play chess as per international rules and basic strategies.

For advanced and master levels, it requires dedicated time and practice. Grandmasters still practice for 6 to 10 hours every day.

What will my child learn in beginner level?

A child who completes Beginner level as per Upstep Academy’s curriculum knows more about Chess than an average adult who plays Chess as a hobby with friends / family traditionally

What my child will learn in one level?

We have 5 fundamental levels, followed by master level training (all the levels are well structured and are developed scientifically). Depending upon your child’s chess level, they join either of the level.

Why kids should learn Chess?

Chess is the 21st century skill: Learning Chess will help your child in Improving Math | Logical thinking | Think Strategically | Pattern Recognition | Quick Response Time | Building Confidence | Decision making | Reduce Anxiety | Planning & Problem Solving | Increasing Self Awareness. Click on the following link for researched backed benefits of chess

Can I take break between classes?

Yes, our levels are very well structured, this allows you to take a small break and then start from exactly where you stopped. You can even switch between the formats e.g. from private one-on-one to Group classes and also change frequency.

Who will teach?

All our coaches are certified, well trained and experienced. For different level we have different coaches. E.g. for beginner level coaches, we have trained them in a way that they make chess fun and engaging for kids… for higher levels when kids are participating in tournaments and national and international competitions, we even have IMs (International Masters) and GMs (Grand Masters) train our students.

Time and Days of class?

Batch timings are flexible, not just for private classes but also for group classes, we have a lot of options for days, format and time. Our team will share the best options for you.